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Sabtu, 24 Juni 2017

Transformers: The Last Knight Released in 7 Countries

Transformers: The Last Knight Released in 7 Countries

The film, starring Mark Wahlberg has been much awaited by lovers of the film robots worldwide. And reported that the filming of a movie-making last series Transformer, which means this film is the last for the Transformer movie series. One of the most anticipated movies this year, Transformers The Last Knight, leaving only a few days to start its first release. This time Transformers The Last Knight is scheduled to be broadcast simultaneously, so even in Indonesia. It is quite rare considering the trend of habit release of blockbuster movies in Indonesia rarely follow global release schedule for certain reasons.

Transformers: The Last Knight Released in 7 Countries

It be announced by the Cinema XXI twitter account. In a statement, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Mark Wahlberg will be back in action in Indonesia on June 21 next, as we can see below:

Twiter Transformer

Transformers The Last Knight is the fifth series of the Transformers franchise, but this time as the holder of the copyright Paramount Transformers made a breakthrough by forming Transformers Universe, following the model of 'Universe' Marvel Cinematic Universe with Marvel or DC to DC Extended Universe. The Last Knight will be the beginning of the Universe which will be followed by a movie spin-off of Bumblebee in the year 2018.

The following 7 countries who will be the first release:

Indonesia fairly lucky to be one of the first countries to serve 7 film on June 21, 2017. In addition to Indonesia, the first countries that show 'Transformers 5' are Bangladesh, Denmark, South Korea, Canada, the Philippines, and of course American States .Transformers: The Last Knight tells the story of a great battle between humans fight after the departure of Optimus Prime Transformers.


Transformers: The Last Knigh t is told about Mark Wahlberg or Cade Yeager and Joshua Joyce kepala KSI company that creates Galvatron in the previous films, had to work hard to save the earth from attack decepticon. 
After the battle in Hong Kong, Optimus Prime face new threats that he could not fight alone.So he had to find new recruitment to help save the earth and the universe! While Optimus leave Earth, Bumblebee, Drift, Hound, Trailbreaker, Blurr and Dinobots have to stop Galvatron (Megatron) use the space bridge is being rebuilt to bring new threats to Earth. 
Meanwhile, Joshua Joyce successfully developed the creation of the make-transformers Transformer that can be controlled by humans to assist in countering threats decepticon autobots.


Get ready to buy tickets ... !!, Watch your favorite movies.

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